About us

ELSITON COMPONENT LTD began to work in the market of electronic components as an integrated supplier on February 1998.

In 2013, our organization was certified by the quality management system (ISO) for wholesale and supply of electronic components and devices, as well as components and consumables for equipment and communication lines.

In 2014 ELSITON COMPONENT LTD received a certificate for the trademark (service mark) No. 516234, registered in the State Register of Trademarks and Service Marks of the Russian Federation on June 25, 2014.

Range of products presented in the Catalog is constantly expanding.

We supply components for aircraft repair factories, ship repair factories, civil transport factories, power stations, radio tele-transmitting centers, manufacturers.

Our catalog includes following:

Generator lamps, Diodes, Power diodes, Chokes, Capacitors, High-voltage capacitors, ICs, Microassemblies, Optocouples, Fuses, Switches, Connectors, Dischargers, Radio lamps, Relays, Resistors, Zener diodes, Transistors, Thyristors, Power thyristors, Transformers, Shunts, Fans, Filters.

We can also supply products not listed in the catalog.

You can send request of availability, prices, terms and conditions of delivery on our general e-mail: nsk@elsiton.ru, or one of our managers directly.


office 409, 20 Nikitina St., Novosibirsk, 630009, Russia.
tel: +7 (383) 349-92-82
e-mail: nsk@elsiton.ru: nsk@elsiton.ru

Our managers

Alexandr Kaminskiy
tel: +7 (383) 349-92-82, add. 777#
ICQ: 686-386-111
Vyacheslav Pak
tel: +7 (383) 349-92-82, add. 001#
ICQ: 712-566-469
Dmitriy Ivanov
tel: +7 (383) 349-92-82, add. 313#
ICQ: 359-233-820
Olesya Nitsa
tel: +7 (383) 349-92-82, add. 111#
ICQ: 662-053-711